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Warranty Policy

Mike’s Extended Warranty Policy

The warranty purchased covers up to the amount you paid for the product with no deductible for 5 years from the date of purchase. If a warranty is used during the 5 year time period that amount is deducted from the original amount paid for the product. Example; if the parts and repair cost is $200 and the amount paid for the product was $500 then there is a balance of $300 still available to Mike’s warranty repair. If the cost of the 1st initial repair exceeds the amount paid, Mike’s will apply the full amount paid for the product towards a new product. The customer does not have to get the same product and the amount can be applied to any product. The warranty does not cover the delivery or installation cost of any product. Mike’s holds all warranty in house and there is no 3rd party. Warranties are not transferable to any person or new product. In most cases, if the item is replaced, a new warranty may be purchased on the replacement product.

Warranties unused within the 5 year time frame will qualify for one free diagnostic service call anytime in the life of the product. Any required repairs resulting from this diagnostic call will be the responsibility of the customer.